Our Board of Directors


Every credit union should be headed by an effective Board which is collectively responsible for the success of the business.


Wiltshire and Swindon Credit Union is governed by a democratically elected Board of Directors, all of whom are members and who do not receive payment for their services as directors.

Henly 2
Clive Henly

Organises regular Board meetings, manages Governance and Induction for new directors, creates and presents an annual report to AGM, organises and manages AGM, manages WASCU’ Policies, Ex-officio member of all teams and committees, co-ordination of risk management, office management.

Suew 2
Sue Weber

Creates and maintains Annual Budget, manages bank account and cashflow, responsible for regular financial reporting, manages and reports on Money Laundering Activities.

Paul 2
Paul Walsh
Operations and Risk Director

As part of the team responsible for operations and technologies, creates and implements Risk Policy,

Kim 2
Kim Trueman
Legal Director

Ensures that the credit union follows all rules and regulations applicable to the organisation

Kim 2
Cindy Chak
International Audit Manager

Undertakes regular checks of the credit union’s processes and financial controls to ensure the organisation maintains the highest quality in the way it manages its members’ finances.

Collin Fox
Marketing Director

Creates and implements Marketing Strategy, coordinates marketing communications, supports brand, takes part in product development