The Christmas Savings Account allows members to put money aside in advance of the special day


By opening a Christmas Savings Account, members can focus less on how they are going to pay for all their festive goodies and more on how they’re going to enjoy a debt-free Christmas with the people they love most. Christmas comes at the same time every year, but somehow it always takes us by surprise!


If you are already a member and would like to start saving towards next Christmas, please call our office on 01793 522216 or write to  Don’t forget to quote your membership number.  They will open up a Christmas Savings Account for you right away.


If you are not a member, then join up now and ask for a Christmas Savings Account to be opened alongside your regular savings account.

  • Build pot for the next Christmas and avoid high-cost credit
  •  Interest paid
  •  Savings protected under the FSCS scheme
  •  Transfer to Share Account on 1st November
  •  Limited to £200 month
  •  1% interest rate on final balance
  •  Money held in Christmas Savings Accounts cannot be used as security for a loan
  •  Excluded from share balance for dividend payment

This account allows members to put money aside well in advance for Christmas
Members can either allocate a portion of their current deduction, or increase it to cover the amount they want to go towards the special day. Saving a small amount each pay day soon adds up.
Savings are safely put aside, ready for withdrawal when you want to start your Christmas preparations.
Pay regularly (at least monthly) into the account throughout the year and you will qualify for a bonus in November
To set up a Christmas Savings Account, phone the Credit Union Office today on 01793 522216.


Financial services compensation scheme


All accounts benefit from our participation in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

The FSCS can pay compensation to depositors if a credit union is unable to meet its financial obligations. Most depositors – including most individuals and small businesses – are covered by the scheme.

For further information about the scheme (including the amounts covered and eligibility to claim) please refer to the FSCS website

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