Why save?


Why is it such a good idea to get into the habit of saving?


Putting aside money is an important first step in planning for the future. It provides something to fall back on when the unexpected happens and helps give peace of mind.


A savings habit, makes it

  • easier to cope with annual events, like car servicing.
  • cheaper to pay annual bills, like insurance, up front than to choose the monthly payment alternative.
  • practical to plan for many things you want, like a holiday or a celebration.
  • simple to cope with small disasters, like a broken fridge.


We can help get into a savings habit, putting some money away regularly, however small the amount. This way you build your financial resilience. And after saving for a while, when you need to borrow, you will be eligible for a loyalty loan at a lower rate of interest.

Our motto is:

Save when you can 

Borrow when you need to

We encourage all Wiltshire & Swindon Credit Union members to save a little on a regular basis, and build a stronger financial future. The money members save with us helps us to offer more affordable loans to other members.

How does it work?

Your membership account



When you become a member you automatically open a Regular Savings Account. This is known as a shares account, and you need to hold at least £5 in it to maintain your membership. You can use this account to save regularly by standing order, bank transfer, salary deduction or cash deposit. Your shares account can also secure loans you have with us.

Credit unions do not pay interest, instead they pay dividends when they make a profit. Any dividend due to you will be paid into this account.

Partnership with employers



The easiest way to save is by putting aside a regular amount. If we have a partnership with your employer, you can arrange to have a regular amount taken from your pay to go straight into your Wiltshire & Swindon Credit Union Regular savings account. Not only an easy way to save, it’s the painless way to save, without ever having to think about it.

If we don’t have a partnership with your employer, ask them to contact us to set it up.

Our products

Our savings products at a glance

Regular Savings Account

Your basic savings account

Junior Savings Account

For the future of your child

Christmas Savings Account

Put money for the special day

Savings Account For Any Reason

Savings for your dreams and wishes

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