Why should you save?

Putting something aside regularly for a rainy day or for a particular aim isn't just a good habit. It is also about building financial independence, so that when opportunity knocks, or the worst happens, you know, you will be ready. As a credit union, we are all about helping you get into your financial shape. That is why, whatever your situation, we make it easy for you to save, so you can achieve your goal with us or simply enjoy more good times.

Our motto is:

Save a little when you can 

Borrow a little when you need to

We encourage all of Wiltshire and Swindon Credit Union members to save a little on a regular basis, in order to build up some resilience in their finances. The money members save with us helps others in Wiltshire and Swindon community with fair and affordable loans.

How does it work?

Your Membership Account

When you become a member, you automatically receive a Regular Savings Account, known as a ``Shares`` account, and must hold at least £5 in it to maintain your membership. You can use this account to save regularly by standing order, bank transfer, salary deduction or cash deposits. It also secures any loans you have with us. If we do well and make a profit, any dividend you receive will be paid into this account.

Partnership with Employers

The easiest way to save is by putting aside a regular amount. Through our partnership with employers, you can arrange to have a regular amount directly deducted from your payslip straight into your Wiltshire and Swindon Credit Union Regular savings account.

Our products

Our savings products at a glance

Regular Savings Account

Your basic savings account

Junior Savings Account

For the future of your child

Christmas Savings Account

Put money for the special day

Savings Account For Any Reason

Savings for your dreams and wishes

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